Ghost/Echo: The shadows of 2012

Ghost/Echo: the First Run

The Government was unwilling to dirty their hands in a backwater Balkan state, so they used some intermediaries to contract the Black-op branch of Orpheus corporation.
If anything went wrong, the whole operation was deniable as usual, the spindoctors would call it a terrorist strike of the separatist.

Coil, Grip, Hull and Vixen discussed their strategy for the job.

It sounded like an easy one: extricate Herr Professor alive (preferrable) or dead to insure the Opposition will never again have access to his theoretical knowledge of Matrix-construction.
He was temporary held at a secret interrogation camp, waiting for transfer to the headquarters of Herr Colonel.

Simple plans are the best, and victory goes to the bold;
The idea was to ‘borrow’ a chopper of the Opposition; flying under false colours it should be possible to infiltrate the interrogation camp.

Well…a battleplan never survives the first shots…

They found a hidden chopper on a hidden part somewhere in the woods, guarded by a single watchtower, a typical Opposition-setup for a covert-operation camp.

Coil took out the main tower with his rocket-launcher, Grip sprinted to the chopper while the rest gave covering fire.
Some surviving guards stormed out of the tower, but were taken down by a frontal grenade and some flanking fire. The grenade caused some collateral damage in the tower, soon it started burning!
Grip discovered the chopper was out of fuel…
Hull entered the burning tower twice: the first time to secure a single drum of fuel, the second time he was out of luck, something exploded…Hull was blown outside by a fireball!
Badly hurt, Hull was carried by the rest to the chopper to escape the towering inferno.

They decided to push their luck to finish the job.

Boldly they flew the chopper to the interrogation camp.
Vixen fast-talked the ground crew and the commander Herr Colonel to refuel the chopper and to transfer the prisoner.

On their way to home-base, they were intercepted by two Opposition choppers.
Grip tried to channel the ghostfield, hoping to jinx one chopper, but received a migraine instead.
With some luck Coil was able to take down the interceptors with his rocket-launcher!

Returning to home-base was a bit tense, their chopper was almost taken down by friendly fire before Vixen was able to get through to the right channels.

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